Unlike the must-have accessories, the below are RV accessories that you can live without, but will, undoubtedly, buy eventually (or SHOULD buy eventually). Again, these are items that have been found through trial and error, and will be the best bang for your buck.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Tire pressure monitoring systemOne of the most common causes of damage to RVs is a tire blowout. When that tire shreds at 70mph, it’s going to take out surrounding parts of your RV with it. A wireless TPMS is a cheap piece of mind. The installation is easy, you just screw caps on to your tires’ valve stems. This one measures both inside air temp and pressure. It also allows you to set alarms if pressure exceeds a designated threshold (both high or low). This can often be an expensive upgrade,  this particular model works great, is pretty affordable and is much cheaper than a new tire!

Here’s a link.

Small Cordless Vacuum


Cordless Makita VacuumThis is generally a good thing to have on hand, but it’ll be worth it’s weight in gold after your first time boondocking on a beach. This Makita kit works great because of the hose extension that allows it to turn into a proper floor vacuum. In general, is the bees knees due to top-notch quality.

Here’s a link.

Collapsible Broom


Camco collapsible broomYou’re not only going to use this inside but it’ll prove invaluable outside too. That vacuum won’t do you any good when you need to sweep leaves off the top of your slide-outs.

Here’s a link.

Vent Covers


RV Vent coverGet one for every vent. They’ll probably try to up-sell you on these at the dealership, and they’re worth buying at that time so you don’t have to install them yourself (the price difference shouldn’t be huge). These things provide a couple of important services:

  1. They’ll protect your vent caps from hail.
  2. You can drive down the road with your vents open (perfect on hot days!).
  3. They’ll allow you to keep your vents open even when it’s raining.
  4. If you have a vent over your bed they’ll block out light that comes through when you’re trying to sleep.

Here’s a link.

Cell Phone HDMI Adapter


iPhone HDMI adapterPerhaps, this is the most important accessory for those of you with a Netflix habit. It will allow you to stream your Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, etc. on your phone, and display it on your TV. The apps on your phone request the video at a lower resolution, which results in using less cellular data (woo hoo!). The quality at your TV will still be in line with DVD quality. If you choose to buy a 3rd-party brand, make sure the adapter allows for a way to still charge your phone while you’re using the adapter.

Here’s a link.

Full-body Wipes


Full body towlette wipesThese are the secret to boondocking. They’re big, thick, deodorizing wipes that substitute for a shower. One of them will cover an entire body and, when you have a finite supply of water, they allow you to extend your time off the grid. They also come in handy when you’ve been kicking around at the beach all day, and want clean feet before hopping into bed.

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